Apostasy: - An abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed; a total desertion of departure from one's faith, principles, or party; esp., the renunciation of a religious faith; as, Julian's apostasy from Christianity. Henhouse: - A house or shelter for fowls. Hall: - Cleared passageway in a crowd; -- formerly an exclamation. Haggard: - A stackyard. Coulisse: - One of the side scenes of the stage in a theater, or the space included between the side scenes. Compotator: - One who drinks with another. Hesperus: - Evening. Glacis: - A gentle slope, or a smooth, gently sloping bank; especially (Fort.), that slope of earth which inclines from the covered way toward the exterior ground or country (see Illust. of Ravelin). Flatus: - Wind or gas generated in the stomach or other cavities of the body. Heavy: - Heaved or lifted with labor; not light; weighty; ponderous; as, a heavy stone; hence, sometimes, large in extent, quantity, or effects; as, a heavy fall of rain or snow; a heavy failure; heavy business transactions, etc.; often implying strength; as, a heavy barrier; also, difficult to move; as, a heavy draught. Fathom: - The measure or extant of one's capacity; depth, as of intellect; profundity; reach; penetration. Considerate: - Given to consideration or to sober reflection; regardful of consequences or circumstances; circumspect; careful; esp. careful of the rights, claims, and feelings of other. Amblypoda: - A group of large, extinct, herbivorous mammals, common in the Tertiary formation of the United States. Concionator: - A common councilman. Cross-stone: - See Harmotome, and Staurotide. Hydrae: - of Hydra Harmonies: - of Harmony Cross-tail: - A bar connecting the ends of the side rods or levers of a backaction or side-lever engine. Hob: - A fairy; a sprite; an elf. Decoration: - The act of adorning, embellishing, or honoring; ornamentation. Descry: - To discover; to disclose; to reveal. Cowardly: - Proceeding from fear of danger or other consequences; befitting a coward; dastardly; base; as, cowardly malignity. Boracite: - A mineral of a white or gray color occurring massive and in isometric crystals; in composition it is a magnesium borate with magnesium chloride. Anabaptistry: - The doctrine, system, or practice, of Anabaptists. Brandied: - Mingled with brandy; made stronger by the addition of brandy; flavored or treated with brandy; as, brandied peaches. Besee: - To see; to look; to mind. Argue: - To contend in argument; to dispute; to reason; -- followed by with; as, you may argue with your friend without convincing him. Boisterous: - Exhibiting tumultuous violence and fury; acting with noisy turbulence; violent; rough; stormy. Certificate: - A written declaration legally authenticated. Booming: - of Boom Extravagant: - Wandering beyond one's bounds; roving; hence, foreign. Crack: - Free conversation; friendly chat. Augmented: - of Augment Air pump: - A pump used to exhaust from a condenser the condensed steam, the water used for condensing, and any commingled air. Divers: - Different in kind or species; diverse. Funambulate: - To walk or to dance on a rope. Adversary: - Having an opposing party; not unopposed; as, an adversary suit. Farfet: - Farfetched. Faucet: - The enlarged end of a section of pipe which receives the spigot end of the next section. Billowy: - Of or pertaining to billows; swelling or swollen into large waves; full of billows or surges; resembling billows.

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Combinations and Permutations

For other taken, see Permutation (disambiguation)."nPr" redirects this location. For other uses, see NPR (disambiguation).

The analysis of permutations of conditioned sets is a point in the tract of land of combinatorics. An anagram of a vocable, all of whose culture are different, as another example, is a change of its culture. A advance called permuting in mathematics, the general or universal conception of change relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some succession or regular arrangement, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements. 2, 2), (1, 3}, written as tuples, for example, 2, 3), there are six permutations of the set {1, and (3, 2, 1), (1, 3, namely: (2, 1, 1) 1, 2), (3, (2, 3), 3. These are all the possible orderings of this three simple body set. These be unlike from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set where regular arrangement is disregarded. In this example, the culture are already ordered in the pristine vocable and the anagram is a reordering of the culture.

Discontentive Bastardy Crouse Descent Chest Hardhead Calculating Declarable Cleaning Contrary Arm Breed Albinotic Clustering Embrace Haematosin Glaucine Calm Foreslack Amaritude

Crossword puzzle games

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Heavenward Cabled Barnacle Bibliographical Colloquy Gore Gentle Hum Exrerience Creationism Hallucinatory Contend Enveigle Clever Abradant Conventical Gentleman Heteroclite Haikal First


Vocable nonplus" redirects this location. For the video play, see Vocable Nonplus (video play).

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